Promote STEM education and give full play to creative potential

Parents and children together to createAt the moment, the Rio Olympic Games are being carried out in full swing in the southern hemisphere to cheer for the Chinese people. During the Olympic Games, athletes struggling hard on the field are really stirring our hearts at the moment. They dare to fight, take the courage to play the role and unite as one. This is the real move of the Olympic Games. With this Olympic spirit, [Geniuses classroom] with children and mom and dad, together, we will experience a parent child curriculum with the theme of “promoting STEM education and giving full play to creative potential” in the Guangzhou women’s Federation complex building.

Here, children can take the initiative to participate in creative activities, experience the charm of technological innovation, and at the same time, parents and children work together to experience parent child fun.












Parents’ on-site consultation












The tutor Lily leads people to warm up












See, what do we do…













Parents and children together creating…












Look at us … who will caught the fish first ?











Look, look … I caught it first. I’m so happy !!!












Look at the results of my work, praise it












Look at me, please!!! I will give to you a demonstration!












Activity picture


The funny activities, let happiness become short, both for adults and children.

We encourage children to play their ingenuity, kindle their children’s enthusiasm for technological innovation, cultivate their habit of constantly exploring in real life, keep children’s passion for technological innovation, and stimulate their boundless creativity and imagination.

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