[Geniuses classroom] the second national creative structure invitational tournament – 2016 officially started!

Your ideas can change the world, such as what to act now! The 2016 national creativity competition started! To meet you on 22-23 October. The award is a proof of your participation in the practice of social science.













The Guangdong inventions Association, Guangzhou Education Bureau, Guangdong Education Association and Guangzhou Youth Science and Technology Education Association jointly launched the talent classroom. In 2016, the national invitational tournament of creative structure was scheduled to be held in Guangzhou on October 2016 22-23.

Organizational units:

Hosts: Guangdong Association of Inventions, Guangdong Institute of Education, Guangzhou Youth Association for Science, Technology and Education.

Support unit: Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau

Undertakings: Guangzhou Panyu District city bridge Dexing primary school, Guangzhou Kayi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Participants: kindergartens, juvenile palace, primary and secondary schools, children’s groups, primary school groups, junior high school groups, high school groups.

Time and place of activities:

Time: October 21st (Friday) 14:30-18:00 report, 22, 23 (Saturday, all day) competition, and awards.

Place: Panyu District city bridge Dexing primary school (No. 9 Panyu District Xingsheng street, Guangzhou), Guangzhou

Competition content:

I. Primary and secondary school

1, Personal competition: crossing obstacles

Build a moving component (not limited to a vehicle), and through the provided track, crossing the obstacle on the track to get to the end quickly.

2, Team game: building Aeronautics and Space Bases

Build an aerospace base consisting of at least one spacecraft, a base affiliated facility, a space vehicle (the sub programming group and the non programming group).

II. Children’s group

1. Team game: building an animal paradise containing no less than 6 animals


1, set up four groups of children group, primary school group, junior middle school group and high school group, and set up the first team, the two prize, the three prize, the first prize, the two two prize and three prize, respectively, to issue trophies and certificates.

2, set up the best creative award, the best function award, the award cup and the certificate;

3, the award-winning team of the tutor, the award of excellent teachers award certificate;

4, the organization of the excellent work, outstanding performance units, awarded the organization award, and awarded a plaque.

Note: the principle of voluntariness is the principle of registration.


































Hurry up to sign up for the annual national creative structure competition! There is only one chance in a year. Miss is to wait for next year, come and sign up!


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